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What You Need to Know about House Restumping: What It Is, Why It’s Necessary and Who Does It in North Brisbane?

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At Home Extensions Builder, we offer an array of different home renovation, extension and improvement services in the Brisbane area. We are also qualified to provide house restumping in North Brisbane – a service that many aren’t even aware exists. Most homeowners will never need to go through the restumping process. However, depending on the soil conditions on your property, you may find that restumping is not only necessary, but crucial for the future structural integrity of your home.

What Is House Restumping?

House restumping is the process of replacing (or, sometimes, resetting) a house’s stumps. Not all houses use stumps, so this service is not even relevant for all homeowners. However, many older homes used a stump subfloor design, a technique that built and stabilised homes on timber stumps. Restumping involves replacing stumps that have rotted or resetting stumps that have sunk or settled due to the movement of soils.

Home Extensions Builder frequently does Brisbane house restumping on older homes that are set to have extensive renovations or extensions. Building new rooms or sections onto your house increases the weight and puts extra strain on the stumping system. Restumping the house provides extra stability and structural integrity, thereby making it safe to renovate the house.


Actions speak louder than words... which is why we're happy to provide you with atleast three references from recent completed jobs in your area that you can inspect, contact and assess prior to proceeding with the construction of a Home Extensions Builder extension otherwise have a look at our testimonials below.


We wish to commend Home Extensions Builder for the excellent work they completed in our major renovation: excavation and building under the house, plus deck extension.

Bruce was always courteous, helpful, and professional, and his builders were always punctual and cheerful. We really appreciated only having to move out for a few days while the plumbing work was relocated. Best of all, the work was carried out to a very high standard and the project was completed with a couple of months.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Home Extensions Builder to anyone.
We are very satisfied customers!

Greg & I would like to say how happy we are with the work that has been done, the guys were great doing the work and it was easy to discuss things with Bruce as we made a couple of changes through the project.

Please don’t hesitate to pass our name and contact details onto any future potential customers, we would be pleased to be able to provide a reference for Home Extensions Builder.


It remains for me to thank you (both), and your team, for your help in completing this project.

A job well done and we are most grateful.

Kind regards

David de Haas

Find out If You Need House Restumping in North Brisbane

The big question here is how to know when your home needs to be restumped. At Home Extensions Builder, we can help you determine the answer. Whenever we design an extension or renovation for the house, we check the foundation to see if the home is relying on a stump subfloor design. It may be that your house is built on a concrete slab, in which case it won’t require restumping. If the house is built on stumps, we will likely reset, replace, or stabilise them to ensure safety and stability throughout the project and beyond. Since we are qualified to perform both renovation work and Brisbane house restumping, we can save our clients’ money and provide greater convenience.

Of course, even without a renovation, you may find that your home needs to be restumped. If you have recently noticed cracks forming in your walls, uneven floors, sticking windows or other similar issues, those signs could indicate that your home is sinking. Calling someone to check your stumps—and, if necessary, replace or reset them—is a wise step in this situation. If you have an older home built on timber stumps, there is a good chance that those stumps are just rotting or decaying. Timber stumps are not a permanent solution and will always need replacing eventually.

At Home Extensions Builder, we are happy to consult on your questions concerning house restumping in North Brisbane. Our business has been operating for 25 years and has been a Queensland Master Builders Association member since 1997. We know how to conduct the restumping process in a way that minimises damage to your property and maximises stability and structural integrity.

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