Raising House and Building Underneath Brisbane

When to Consider a Raise and Build Underneath or Up and Under House Extension in Brisbane

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For years, the concept of the ‘up and under’ extension in Brisbane has been a popular choice for local homeowners. Home building and renovation businesses such as Home Extensions Builder have experience in lifting houses and adding extra space at or below ground level. While our business performs other types of renovations—such as adding stories or building extra rooms on the side of houses—we have found that many of our customers are very interested in the ‘raise and build under’ extension.

Why Raise and Build Under in Brisbane?

There are numerous reasons why you might consider a raise and build under in Brisbane. These reasons include:

  • You don’t have the property space to build outward: Many houses in Brisbane or its surrounding suburbs are built on very small blocks of land. Homeowners of these properties don’t have the option of building out into their yards, whether because they don’t have enough yard space to spare or because the local council would restrict them from doing so. In these situations, it makes sense to add extra floors to the house. Raising the house and building underneath is one way to add a storey.
  • Building up is not an option: Of course, if you need to add a storey, you can also build up instead of adding a basement or new ground floor. However, in some cases, houses are not structurally prepared to handle a second storey above. In these situations, the best option is to pursue a house raise and build under in Brisbane.
  • You have space underneath the home, but it’s not legally habitable: It’s possible that your home has an existing basement or crawlspace that you cannot legally use as habitable space. For the rooms underneath your home to be legally habitable, they must be of a certain height. Raising your home even slightly can allow you to add the extra height necessary to turn your basement or crawlspace into usable space.
  • You prefer to add space belowground: Maybe you want a basement, or perhaps you want to add a garage and don’t have space elsewhere on your property to build one. Either way, preference for belowground space is something worth considering as you plan your renovation.


Actions speak louder than words... which is why we're happy to provide you with atleast three references from recent completed jobs in your area that you can inspect, contact and assess prior to proceeding with the construction of a Home Extensions Builder extension otherwise have a look at our testimonials below.


We wish to commend Home Extensions Builder for the excellent work they completed in our major renovation: excavation and building under the house, plus deck extension.

Bruce was always courteous, helpful, and professional, and his builders were always punctual and cheerful. We really appreciated only having to move out for a few days while the plumbing work was relocated. Best of all, the work was carried out to a very high standard and the project was completed with a couple of months.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Home Extensions Builder to anyone.
We are very satisfied customers!

Greg & I would like to say how happy we are with the work that has been done, the guys were great doing the work and it was easy to discuss things with Bruce as we made a couple of changes through the project.

Please don’t hesitate to pass our name and contact details onto any future potential customers, we would be pleased to be able to provide a reference for Home Extensions Builder.


It remains for me to thank you (both), and your team, for your help in completing this project.

A job well done and we are most grateful.

Kind regards

David de Haas

Trust Home Extensions Builder to Raise Your House

At Home Extensions Builder, we’ve been helping Brisbane homeowners with their renovations or house extensions for 25 years now. We are members of Queensland Master Builders Association and have been for more than 21 years, since 1997. Simply put, we have the experience and qualifications necessary to help with your up and under extension in Brisbane. If you believe that this type of renovation is the best option given your preferences or the limitations of your property, we can help you plan and execute your project. To learn more about our business or our experience with house raise and builder underneath in Brisbane, contact us today.

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